Five Grape varieties are grown on the Domaine. All are perfectly adapted both to the warm, dry Languedoc climate and the clay, limestone soils.
The grape varieties are Syrah, Mourvèdre, Grenache, Carignan and Cinsault.
The average age of the wines (in 2007) was 30 years. The Domaine produces five red and one rosé wines - all under the AOC Appellation of Saint-Chinian.
Grape harvesting is done half by machine and half by hand.

The stems are removed and the vinification (wine-making) is carried out using traditional methods with careful control of the temperature.
Some of the wines mature in oak barrels for 12 months while others mature in vats (details below). These methods stimulate the wines to evolve and refine their unique Saint-Chinian characteristics and taste. The wines are carefully bottled to assure high quality from the vine to the table.




Château Bousquette
Route de Cazouls - 34460 Cessenon sur Orb (Languedoc - France)
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